Nature Drama Episode II

Graduation!  The bull calf has found the teat, learned to suckle and is packing on the pounds.  We drive the calves out to the herd, and mama follows with laser focus.  As expected, the herd welcomes excitement and gathers to greet them.   What we didn’t see coming was the challenge for herd dominance.  The cow had only been away from the herd, to bond with her calves, for three days.  But the new leader is not about to give up her place.  These cows weigh around 1700 pounds each, so the action is earth-shaking.  After a little head-to-head shoving, everyone settles down to graze.  Now for the sad back story…  The heifer twin has been rejected by her mom and we have become her only source of nutrition.  Although “Fiona” can bask in the sun, play with the other calves and nibble inquisitively on grass, she has to wait for the bottle to fill her belly.


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