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This form is updated frequently and lists only items that are currently available.

If the cut you want isn’t on this order form, let us know; we can probably get it for you.

Orders of 20 pounds or more get a 5% discount (with payment by cash or check).**

!!!Large a-la carte discount is back!!! — Orders of 40+ pounds get a 10% discount (with payment by cash or check).**

(** note: volume discounts not applicable to cuts already on-sale or to ground beef)

We offer free delivery to customers on Grand Isle, in the I-89/US Rt 7 corridor between Williston and St. Albans as well as to Shelburne and Charlotte (for orders of $30 or more).

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    ground beef (~1 lb packages @ $9.75/lb)
    hamburger patties (three 1/3-lb patties @ $11.50 per package)
    hamburger patties (four 1/4-lb patties @ $11.50 per package)
    ground chuck (~1.1 lb packages @ $11.50/lb)
    stew meat (~1 lb @ $11/lb)
    minute steaks (0.6 to 0.8 lb @ $12.50/lb)
    bratwurst (~1.1 lb with 4 sausages per pkg @ $12.50/lb) **
    ** Blend of Beef, Salt, Dextrose, Pepper, Sage, Onion, Mace and Celery in a natural pig casing

    STEAKS (bone in):
    Porterhouse steaks (most ~1.5 lb @ $22.50/lb)
    T-bone steaks (1+ lb @ $20.50/lb)
    Rib steaks (1+ lb @ $20.50/lb)

    STEAKS (boneless):
    Delmonico (boneless ribeye) steak (1/2 to 1 lb @ $23.50/lb)
    sirloin steak (1/2 to 2 lb @ $15.50/lb)
    sirloin tip steak (1 to 2 lb @ $13.50/lb)
    NY strip steak (1/2 to 1 lb @ $25.50/lb)
    tenderloin steak (~0.5 lb @ $28.50/lb)
    steak tips (~1 lb @ $14/lb)
    kabobs (~1 lb @ $13.50/lb)
    skirt steak (1 to 2 lb @ $13/lb *** SOLD OUT***)
    flank steak (1 to 1.5 lb @ $16.50/lb)
    flat iron fillet (1-2 lb @ $15.50/lb)
    tri-tip steak (3-3.5 lb @ $14.50/lb)
    petit tender steak (1-2 lb @ $16.50/lb)
    hanger steak (1-2 lb @ $16.50/lb)

    short ribs (1 to 3 lb @ $9/lb)
    brisket (3-6 lb, @ $10.50/lb)
    shoulder pot roast (3.5 to 5 lb @ $11/lb)
    top round roast (2.5 to 5 lb @ $11/lb)
    chuck roast (2.5 to 5 lb @ $11/lb)
    shanks (shin steaks) (1/2 to 2 lb @ $9/lb)
    marrow and knuckle bones (3-7 lb bag @ $3/lb; select size desired)

    LEGGS #104 BRATWURST SEASONING (11 oz bag) for Joan's super-nutritious and wicked-delicious Bratwurst-bean-kale soup
    $5 bag each will flavor 25 pounds of ground beef

    HEART, TONGUE, OXTAIL, SUET - Contact us if you are interested in any of these.

    The world's best goat milk caramels made by Capsand Creamery on the east side of South Hero
    Package of hand-crafted goat milk caramels (7 large, hand-wrapped pieces for $6)

    GIFT CERTIFICATE: A gift certificate of any amount you choose, that will be emailed or snail-mailed to you or the gift recipient. Please provide details -- such as the amount (required), address where the certificate is to be sent (required), or any special message you want added to the certificate (optional) -- in the Comments/Questions/Preferences box at the bottom of this form.

    Prices indicted are for payment in cash or by personal check. Other forms of payment involve fees that will be added to customer invoices. These fees are...

    • Venmo: 4%

    • PayPal: 4%

    • credit card (via Square, swipe entry): 2.6% +$0.10

    • credit card (via Square, manual entry): 3.5% + $0.40

    • EBT card: no fee. We offer a flat discount of 10% for EBT payment on orders placed using this form.

    Please indicate which payment method you will use:

    Our Venmo username is "Joan-Falcao", and the last four digits of the phone number associated with our Venmo account are "8089".

    The email for our Paypal account is

    MAIL ORDERS (to Vermont, greater Boston and southern New Hampshire) -- For ten pound a-la-carte orders we charge approximately $15 for postage and $10 for the insulated box, freezer packs and handling. Before your order ships, you will receive an invoice for your approval and hear about payment options.

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    We are no longer able to send you a confirmation email automatically, as this is considered a security concern. You could provide someone else's email address and send hate mail to them anonymously through our website. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible with an invoice.

    Please do not hesitate to send an email message to our website or leave a phone message at 802-378-5246, if this is how you prefer to communicate. We look forward to delivering nutritious beef for your family.