Recipes & Cooking Tips

“Beef. It’s what’s for dinner”

… Here are recipes we like. Please send us your favorites!

Osso Buco (slow cooker, from Joan, uses shin steaks a.k.a. shanks)

Chimichurri Marinade for Flat Iron Fillet or Skirt Steak (marinade the steak overnight)

Beef Burgundy (let the butcher prep the beef, with our sirloin tip kabobs)

Chili with Red Wine (slow cooker or stovetop) ‎

Meat Loaf (bake in the oven with potatoes for a convenient meal)

Curried Beef (stovetop prep in a little over an hour, with potatoes and peas)

Short Ribs (slow cooker, from Joan)

Brisket with Caramelized Onions (options for oven and crock pot)

Roast Beef (slow cooker, from Joan)

Oven Roasted Tri-tip Steak (from Bob)

Beef Steak Mac & Cheese (a quick dinner that hits the spot)

Beef Liver Pate (a month’s worth of snacking)


Many of the leaner beef cuts benefit from marinating or slow-cooking, (see attached chart of cuts and recommended cooking methods for each).

In our personal experience, cuts which may benefit from marinating 2-24 hours or from slow-cooking include…

  • sirloin tip steak
  • blade steak
  • round steaks (top, bottom, chuck, eye)
  • short ribs
  • shin steaks
  • London broil steaks
  • flank, hanger or skirt steaks
  • roasts
  • brisket

On the other hand, some customers don’t marinate sirloin, blade, flank, hanger or skirt steaks. Marinade options include steak sauce, Worcester sauce, salad dressing, wine, hard cider, vinegar or combinations of these (I’m sure that other suggestions can be found on-line).

The high level of marbling in our beef makes it quite different from most other grass-fed beef, which can be dry. If not overcooked (medium at the most), our beef stays tender, juicy and tasteful. Consequently, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT CUSTOMERS AVOID OVERCOOKING OUR BEEF. Meat continues to cook after it’s removed from the grill or skillet. Through practice, steaks can be consistently grilled to just medium rare and no more.