We are so lucky to have this cow

Isn’t she a beauty!?! Her name is “Fence Jumper”. Every year she delivers a healthy calf to raise. She cleans, nurses and protects the calf. She is also a herd leader, quick to notice when it is time to move to new grass or to go to where we have bales of hay laid out for the herd. She is calm, curious… and intelligent. Several years ago, during breeding season, when her mom was grazing in another paddock with the other cows and the bull, she went over two live polywire lines to be with her mom. How sweet is that? The next day, when we noticed she was with the wrong herd, we put her back with the two-year-olds who were gaining weight and would be going “on the truck” the next year. But the next year, we were surprised to find a sweet little newborn heifer in the wrong herd. Apparently, Fence Jumper had taken steps to change her career path. So we put her and the calf with the breeding herd. And she has been grazing happily ever after.

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