Reserve Your Side of Beef

If you have been thinking about purchasing a side of beef so that you can have the best possible beef at the most economical price, please contact us.  NOW is the time to reserve your side, as supplies are limited.  Our cattle are certified 100% grass fed, as well as Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World.  Perhaps you have already tried our Porterhouse or rib steak at Hotel Vermont or enjoyed our stir fry through the Intervale Food Hub’s Omnivore CSA share.   If you order a side of beef, the steaks and roasts can be cut to your specifications, and you can decide how much ground beef versus other cuts you want.  We deliver your order to your home free of charge.  Our price is $4.20 per pound (hanging weight), plus butcher fees.  If you get together with friends and order the whole beef, it’s only $3.95 per pound, plus butcher fees.  There’s a lot of good press about the benefits of grass-fed beef, and this is a great opportunity for you to commit to a healthier lifestyle.  Buying in bulk gives you all the steaks and roasts for the price of ground beef.  If your freezer space is limited, we also offer several size packages on our website to stock up and save.  Please contact us to sign up for a year of really great beef!!!

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