Side of Beef

A whole or half beef — the most economical option!

To order, e-mail us ( or call 802-233-0064

Price is $3.95/lb hanging weight for a whole beef and $4.20/lb hanging weight for a half beef, plus butcher/processing fees. Our cattle hang at about 700 lbs; and after processing removes most of the bones, we get approximately (this is an estimate) 440 lbs of individually Cryovac-packaged meat per animal. So half a beef is approximately $1470, and a whole animal is around $2765. The processing cost for a whole animal typically runs a little over $700, so processing cost for half is about $350. As a result, when you order a whole beef, you get all the cuts for less than the retail price of our ground beef. (The weights are estimates. Exact hanging weights are determined at processing.)

The “Budget Bovine” is a concept we are pioneering out of necessity. Right now we have a restaurant that wants all the premium cuts we can produce. If you are just looking for wholesome, satisfying meat and don’t need the flashy steaks (Porterhouse, T-bone and rib steaks), please let us know and we’ll make you an offer based on current restaurant demand.

Deposit for a whole beef is $400 and a side of beef is $200. If you need us to store some or all of the beef in our freezers, until some specific date, please contact us about this option.

Many customers split their purchase with friends, neighbors or relatives

Half a beef will feed a family of four 2-3 times a week for a year and takes up 7.5 cubic feet of freezer space.