Humane Certification

Health Hero Farm is one of only seven Vermont farms that produce certified-humane beef. The ASPCA posts an up-to-date list of certified-humane farms. Click here to watch a short ASPCA video about what it means to be certified-humane! Most of the cattle you see are ours 😉

Currently, Intervale Food Hub is the ONLY market/CSA offering certified-humane, grassfed beef in Burlington. Show your local market that there’s a demand for more humanely produced food by asking them to carry such products. Click here for a simple downloadable sample request letter you can give store managers.

HHF’s certifications are with Animal Welfare Approved, which has the most rigorous standards for farm animal welfare and environmental sustainability in the U.S. Their standards were developed in collaboration with scientists, veterinarians, researchers and farmers across the globe to maximize practicable, high-welfare farm management with the environment in mind. Further, AWA is one of only two labels in the U.S. that require audited, high-welfare slaughter practices (HHF’s butcher is also AWA-certified), and is the only label that additionally requires pasture access for all animals.