Farm Stand Offerings

Summer time!  And the farm stand is open again to sell you our great beef — certified grass fed and humanely raised (certified Animal Welfare Approved).   But that’s not all!  Our laying hens have gotten over their cold weather slump and are starting to lay again.  As before, we offer organic sharp cheddar cheese from Neighborly Farms and The World’s Best caramels from Capsand Creamery.  (Don’t leave Vermont without them.  We can’t.  They make the best hostess gifts, when you stay with friends and family.)

We welcome cyclists with pit stop amenities — water, bike pump & tools, healthy snacks at family-friendly prices, and the unique ice-fishing shack converted to a composting toilet.

As the growing season rolls along, we’ll sell more of our vegetables.  Right now, it’s just tomatoes, peppers and frozen organic rhubarb (from the bounty of the spring rush).  My favorite recipe for rhubarb compote is as follows:  cut the stalks into 1″ pieces and heat slowly in a pot with sugar (1/4 cup per pound), adding more sugar to taste.  But this is Vermont!  So skip the sugar and use maple syrup instead.  (or local honey)

With luck, you may see the cattle grazing nearby — a pleasing pallet of white, black and brown on a lush backdrop of green.  In May and June the babies are popping out and running around with each other.  So cute, if you can catch a glimpse.  You never know what you will see on the farm;-)

If you want to pre-order your beef for pickup on the farm, please visit our online order form OR just give us a call (378-5246) or email  It gives us great pleasure to help you make the best selection for your needs.

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