100% Grass-fed Beef

from Health Hero Farm

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We are passionate about producing nutritious foods, treating animals humanely, and using sustainable agricultural practices. And our customers want us to balance these three goals with convenience and cost. Folks who previously didn’t like beef tell us that they enjoy our cattle’s meat because it is truly different from what is sold in grocery stores and supermarkets. And because our beef is hard-frozen immediately after butchering at USDA-inspected facilities and kept hard-frozen until purchase, it is guaranteed fresh and there is less chance of spoilage than with meat sold at grocery stores. Even if red meat is served only occasionally in your home, why not use healthy and flavorful beef? We guarantee customer satisfaction!

Now that's a beef cow!

Now that’s a beef cow!

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We offer several options for you to bring the best beef available (HHF beef, that is) into your home. Health Hero Farm beef is consistently tender, juicy and tasty. No special preparation or cooking is required.

individual cuts
multi-cut options
side of beef

We deliver FREE along the I-89 corridor between Williston and St. Albans as well as to Shelburne and Charlotte.

We also sell our beef at the following farmers markets: Champlain Islands Farmers’ Market; the Univ. of Vermont Medical Center (outside the Davis auditorium on Thursdays between 2:30-5pm); and the Milton Farmers Market.  Between May and November, our beef is also available at our farm stand (350 West Shore Road, South Hero)

Try our ground beef and see how different it both tastes and makes you feel

To order, e-mail us (HealthHeroFarm@gmail.com) or call 802-233-0064

Customers say that our beef is the best they’ve had!

“I have the highest praise for your product- it is as good as what we were able to raise ourselves.” – Rachael M.

“I make the world’s best burgers, and my secret is your beef.” – Sandy S.

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Thank you for your interest in our Grass-fed Beef!
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