2013 Lake Champlain Islands Farm and Food Festival was a HIT!

View of crowd from behind

pizza Photo courtesy Jason Fagga


  • Number of people who came: 325+
  • Number of fresh, hot locally-topped pizzas made and eaten: 80
  • New use for corral panel discovered: bike rack!
  • Number of stops on our self-guided/sign-guided farm tour: 6
  • Community connection level: sky high
  • Time spent planning: three weeks
  • Time spent cleaning up: 1 hour at the farm…more at home
  • Number of interns who returned to help NOFA pizza bakerus: 3
  • Number of other volunteers who helped: 4
  • Number of local vendors doing interactive activities: 10
  • Number of sponsors: ten – THANK
    Photo courtesy Jason Fagga

    Photo courtesy Jason Fagga


  • Next year’s Festival date: Sunday, August 24th! We hope to see you there!





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