Winter scene

With the warmer weather, the cattle enjoy spending time outdoors, rather than in the barn. We feed them our aromatic baleage in the bale ring. And then we unrolled a bale of bedding hay down the hill. The age-old quandry looms — to eat the hay or sleep on it? Or both?

Click here for a video of the bull helping us unroll the bedding bale.

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Our porterhouse on the menu!

bone in steak for two*

Hotel Vermont is now offering our porterhouse steak at their restaurant! You no longer need to know how to cook to enjoy our beef.

Juniper Bar & Restaurant’s spring inspired dinner menu addition: bone in steak for two with salads, Red Hen Baking Co. bread & Ploughgate Creamery butter, roasted veggies, and 100% grass fed beef from Health Hero Farm. Please support the Juniper Bar & Restaurant with your business. It takes a special effort on the part of the chef to source their ingredients from small local producers such as us. We so appreciate this opportunity to get the word out.  *Photo credit Hotel Vermont.

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Measuring progress

Thank you neighbors Fred and Erin

We just brought the cattle into the barn to weigh them and have a good look at their condition.   Great news!  The average yearling weight was 77 pounds over projections.  And no wonder, the baleage had a rich fermented smell, as would inspire hearty eating.  The calves were a little lighter than expected, but then we’ve just weaned them, which is stressful.  Still they look bright eyed and energetic.  Special thanks to our neighbors Fred and Erin who helped us persuade the cattle to enter the handling facility and stand in the squeeze chute.  Erin is amazing, she has such a way with animals.  I understand she is a horse whisperer as well and speaks chicken.


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Where there’s a will…

Got milk!!!

Got milk!!!

OK, round two!


This calf, with her mom’s cooperation, has figured out how to nurse through the corral panels. It’s a little complicated, since the calf has to turn her head sidewards to get it through the horizontal bars. So yesterday, we heavied up on the polywire — both sides of the corral panels. Both parties are encouraged to get with the program.

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2-strand electrical fencing on a pigtail budget

Pigtail GroundingThis winter, with all the dry (electrically insulating) snow we have had in Vermont, our attempts to wean 9-month-old calves were thwarted by those who were willing to take a weak hit from the single-strand polywire, in order to continue their habit. We ran a second, grounded polywire just below the hot wire to gain the respect we deserved for our 10kV reading. We did this by wrapping the second polywire around each pigtail, on the conductive metal part, pulling it tight and attaching a little binder clip to keep it from slipping down. Only once did we need to tie a broken ground wire. (Lesson learned) Peace has been restored on the farm

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Daddy Time!

Two yearling steers chosen to keep Justin company.

Two yearling steers chosen to keep our bull Justin company.

The bull has been pulled out of the cow herd, thus ending the breeding season. Two of his male offspring are with him now, to ease the pain of separation. Our bull, Justin, mellowed out fairly quickly, after starting to lift up the corral panel fence inside the barn and bust through. Fortunately for us, Justin is very “respectful” of the little white electrified wire surrounding him now.

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Birds Eye View of Health Hero Farm

Breath taking view of the Conserved "Sawyer Bay Farm"

Breath taking view of the Conserved “Sawyer Bay Farm”  – credit John Larabee at Camp TaKumTa

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Successful grazing!

Another great year for grazing is drawing to a close. It’s amazing to watch the calves fill out so quickly! This beautiful steer is only 17 months old, after two growing seasons on our certified organic pastures. And let’s not forget to give mama credit for the 10-month head start on the highly sought after product of “raw grass milk”.

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Health Hero is now a CERTIFIED humane beef farm!

We are thrilled to announce that our farm is Animal Welfare Approved by

We work hard to improve conditions for the animals under our care and are proud to have achieved the rigorous standards required for AWA certification.

We very much appreciate your support, which has enabled us to produce meat in a way that is healthy for people, the animals and the environment.
AWA LOGOAGW Certified Grassfed logo

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Pizza Social on the farm

Enjoy dinner baked in NOFA-VT’s wood-fired pizza oven. And walk off the calories on a farm tour. NOFA pizza social

You are invited!

You are invited!

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